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An open-source component
bug hunting platform.

First open-source component bug bounty platform. Earn money, compete with other hackers and
make the web a safer place by finding security bugs among thousands of open-source components.



Bug hunting platform


The open-source component bug hunting platform for developers
and researchers.

Custom Software Development


A collaboration platform for both
developers and researchers.

PlugBounty is a platform designed for developers who specialize in making plug-ins for different CMS’s, but it’s also for those who test these plug-ins, trying to find certain errors or failures.

This is an innovative platform which allows for a higher level of collaboration, creation, testing and business between developers and researchers (hackers).

Project requirements and client needs

Mobile – responsive app that
provides a fresh approach to

The platform provides a great number of advantages, such as integrated communication between developers and researchers, monthly rewards, system for reporting errors, leader board and much more.

Let's get you ahead.
It's a long road, but it's worth it.

Automatized system

Communication system

Real time application

Three-level approach

Additional documentation

User dashboard

Reports history

Responsive application

Clients needed a simple and fast app which would meet their needs in terms of accessing the innovative open-source component bug bounty platform.

solving industry problems and challenges

Real time system for communication
profit, but first and foremost -
for discovering bugs

In addition to this unique project, currently the only one of its kind, our client needed a team of people who understand the business process and all the stages of building a start-up, but also people who are able to deliver a distinctive interface with clear and attractive design which would be functional and easy to use at the same time.

It was necessary to simplify the entire process, facilitate and speed up the use for end-users and the company.

Addria was selected by PlugBounty as a perfect fit not only offering technological expertise, but also familiarity with internal business processes, experience in startup development and transparency of the process.

How it works and what we did

Identify the most important things that
should be in the foreground to end-users

Turning large amounts of information into an easy-to-use interface was a challenging venture.

After a very thorough UX process, sketching and application flow designing, everything was transferred into wireframes that partially depicted the future app.

After registration on the website, PlugBounty offers its users an extensive amount of possibilities. Depending on how they choose to register, users will gain access based on their choice. Within the app, a system for interaction between developers and researchers (hackers) is integrated. There is also a system for submitting bugs found in a particular plug-in, as well as a system for awarding the most successful researcher.

DESIGN THAT solves complex problems with simple solutions

Keeping the original idea while
modernizing and adapting the
design for the future

After setting up and defining the project, we created a corporate visual identity that would represent the look, feel and voice of the brand being carried through all marketing channels. from applications, to social media, advertisements and packaging.

Landing page & dashboard application

Don’t miss another load available for your company.

here's what we used to make this possible

A list of skills required to
build awesome stuff.

The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.

Custom PHP & frameworks (Laravel, Lumen, Symfony)
WordPress, Woocommerce, Magento
Javascript, Vue.js, React, Angular, Typescript, Node.js
MySQL, Elasticsearch, Postgres, OracleDB, Redis

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