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Staff Augmentation: Go Global With No Infrastructure Costs


Feb 8 2020

Using Staff Augmentation services business can go global without having to make a big investment. Here at Addria, we'll tell you how.

Most businesses, at some point, need a few more people on deck. And not just any people, but the ones who are skilled, trained and certified for the job you need them to do. Hiring these people in the traditional way can be a time-consuming and drawn-out process involving HR engagement, job advertisements, countless interviews, referencing, onboarding and endless paperwork.

This doesn't help if your business has strict deadlines to fulfill. For some companies, and IT companies, in particular, staff augmentation could be the secret weapon when you need instant access to skills or headcount.

IT Staff Augmentation services Addria

The IT industry noticed the substantial costs involved in hiring new partners. It came up with a disruptive innovation. Your business can go global without having to make a big investment.

The term globalization is gaining traction day by day. Companies and their clients don't need to be in the same town (or continent!). It is the same way with companies and their teams. There's a way to find highly skilled individuals for your team, remotely.

What is Staff Augmentation?

In a nutshell - Staff Augmentation helps businesses quickly scale up or down using temporary workers instead of permanent employees.

Considering the facts above, we can say that Staff Augmentation is an outsourcing strategy. The company finds and delegates responsibilities to a remote agency to help them scale up without infrastructure costs.

Here's how it works:

  1. The interested company finds a competent staff augmentation team that looks for someone who fits the role the company needs.

In the hiring process, your savings include:

  • Hardware
  • Furniture
  • Time spent on recruiting
  • Administration processes
  • HR staff
  1. The specialist joins the team. Communication is maintained to meet company standards.
  • Communication is [mostly] online
  • Geographical boundaries are non existent
  • Your team member is only a text away

This way, you don't have to worry about:

  • Talent shortage in your area
  • Build new working spaces for new members
  • Contract or payroll expenses
Addria Developer Staff Augmentation Services

You establish the time you'll require an expert. Plus you'll only have the collaborator for the time your company or the project needs one. Roles are more practical and project oriented.

Why is Staff Augmentation a Thing?

Staff Augmentation companies are specialized in staff augmentation processes. Depending on the niche, size, or location of the company or candidate, they'll customize your process.

The staff augmentation company decides what works best for you depending on your needs. Options include nearshoring, offshoring or outsourcing.

Based on the location you're in, costs may change. Talent might be even better elsewhere. Outsourcing to Eastern Europe means receiving high quality services, at a more convenient cost.

It is more cost effective to hire remote developers. No infrastructure expenses and a highly competent remote development team at a convenient cost!

Staff augmentation services are the ones that make sure that all the process explained in this blog post go smoothly.

List of (some) Staff Augmentation benefits:

  • Specialist experts
  • Fast adaptation to staff needs
  • Legal redress opportunities
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Easy change of staff
  • Training costs reduction
  • More direct approach
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