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Custom Software Development

Whether it’s just technology consulting, custom software development, QA and software testing or system
integration — we've got you covered. Addria offers a powerful combination of profound tech expertise,
low-risk processes, and proven experience to turn your business idea into reality.


Solve your unique business
challenges by building custom
mobile & web applications.

We develop both enterprise-grade and SMBs-grade software solutions for companies tailored to suit their needs.


Our 5-step approach to custom
software development

Custom software development works best if you have a clear vision of the project and you look for a reliable partner to do the implementing. When it comes to getting your idea off the ground and into reality, things can get quite complicated. The very beginning of each business is not easy and it can certainly catch you off guard. That's why we're here.

phase 1

Project jumpstart & Orientation

Before we get things started, our team collaborates with you to get a deep understanding of your business operations and the project itself. With our experts' support, we are able to transform your business needs into applicable project goals.

This initial meeting involves answering the project questionnaire and getting the basics done. In the few following meetings with the client it is crucial to collect as much information as possible to get the project (ne znam sta ste hteli sa ovim pain-pin?) pain points in plain sight. That will give us the best possible insight into the project mission & goal in order to build the perfect solution that will exceed the criteria.

Suggested steps

Introduction meeting between the team and the client

Completing the project questionnaire

Create a strategy plan for the success

phase 2

Research & Analysis

Upon gathering all ideas, we devote ourselves to profound business analysis and feasibility reports. Over a series of meetings, our tech team discusses how different technologies and frameworks will bring your vision to life. What we come up with in this phase will set the core the entire project will be built around.

By learning from the data we've gathered on the client's idea, market potentials, current competitors & current and potential users, we are able to start working on directions for possible solutions for the project. That means looking at and examining existing data, interviewing and observing potential users and focus groups, creating user personas and journey maps and testing out different ideas and paths.

Suggested steps

Research market potentials and competitors's approaches

Gather more data and build domain knowledge

Identify best practices and opportunities

Conduct user testing and gather feedback

Create user personas and journey maps

Generate inspiration and ideas

phase 3

UX/UI & Visual Design

To fully understand how the design process works, we have to understand the diffrence between the 3 different stages of design; UX, UI and the visual design.

UX design refers to User Experience Design, a process that focuses solely on the user experience side and how easy or difficult is to interact with the actual product. The objective is to create positive and satisfying experience by anticipating and fullfilling users's needs.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. It is how it works.

Steve Jobs, Apple

UI design stands for User Interface Design and it's the actual look and feel of the product. The goal is to create an attractive, visually stimulating interface that will match the purpose and personality of the product and the brand.

Visual design is the use imagery, colours, shapes, typography of to form a brand’s unique style and voice.

This process requires a high amount of collaboration and iteration to get the things right. That means building site maps, wireframes, interactive prototypes, style guides and high-fidelity mockups over and over again until we find a perfect solution that works.

Suggested steps

Create sitemaps, wireframes & interactive prototypes

Create brand image and styleguide

Create high-fidelity mockups

Constantly iterate and finalize the design

phase 4

Development & QA

We tend to make the development phase as agile as possible, to allow our clients a more effective workflow and a closer collaboration with our team.

As soon as each task is completed, it gets assigned back to a project manager and QA tester for review to ensure a more genuine testing experience. By using a proven process, up-to-date technology stack and constanty testing and improving each segment of the product, we ensure a high-quality product that will match expected results.

Suggested steps

Select effective strategies and the right technology

Develop the front end, back end and server side code

Constantly test and improve the product

Create a maintainable and secure high-quality product

phase 5

Deployment & Maintenance

Now that the product has been fully built out and that it behaves in the way we intended it to, you will be asked to formally approve it. We are ready to begin the final stage of a project to get it into production.

Our team will support and guide you through the necessary deployment processes to ensure the best end results for your business. Understanding that creating a high quality product is not a linear process, but rather a cycle is the key here.

Once the product is out in the open, undiscovered issues might start coming. We don’t just finish a project and say goodbye to you. That's when long-term relationship with Addria™ comes in handy. We monitor our results and evolve, adapt to new challenges and get things done.

At Addria™, we choose people we work with very carefully, and if we are working with you, we don't see you as our client, but rather our partner. That means we'll help you down the process till the very end.

Suggested steps

Prepare final deliverables for the client

Publish the product and share it with the world

Maintain and improve to ensure the best quality

In a nutshell

Addria is an extraordinary place for
creating chemistry between your
brand and your customers

perfect hub for learning new and improving existing skills

Delivering proven and
reliable solutions using the
latest technologies

We are a fast-paced, open-minded, super collaborative company that strives for nothing but perfection and best results.

Custom PHP & frameworks (Laravel, Lumen, Symfony)
WordPress, Woocommerce, Magento
Javascript, Vue.js, React, Angular, Typescript, Node.js
MySQL, Elasticsearch, Postgres, OracleDB, Redis
CI & CD, Python based
Custom PHP & frameworks (Laravel, Lumen, Symfony)
WordPress, Woocommerce, Magento
Javascript, Vue.js, React, Angular, Typescript, Node.js
MySQL, Elasticsearch, Postgres, OracleDB, Redis
CI & CD, Python based