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Order from your favorite
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Mobile responsive web application offering a new sales channel for restaurants and
driving 10-15% incremental takeout revenue.



Hospitality SaaS

United States

Mobile responsive web application offering a new sales channel
for restaurants and driving 10-15% incremental takeout revenue.

Custom Software Development


Mobile responsive web app offering a
new sales channel for restaurants.

The 21st century has brought about a faster lifestyle and assigned a monetary value to time. Dealing with stress, anxiety and tension caused by impossible work loads, is not easy. Spending a lot of time earning money, but not getting enough time to spend it is no fun at all.

Project requirements and client needs

A user interface and experience
between customers and their
favorite local restaurants.

The platform allows you to pre-order your food and schedule pick-up, delivery or dining in to avoid the hassles of queuing, waiting for food and paying the bill.

Welcome to NovoHub.
We make food ordering easy.

Ordering system

Filtering & search

Restaurants & employees

Real time updates

Payment & billing

Messaging system

Admin dashboard

Delivery & takeout

NovoHub is a simple customer-to-restaurant and vice versa responsive web application that makes online food ordering from a local restaurant or food cooperative a very easy task. Go online. That's where you'll find clients today.

solving industry problems and challenges

Your favorite local restaurants
to satisfy your food cravings.

CEO of Novohub, a startup investor and successful serial entrepreneur, wanted to develop an application that would disrupt the hospitality industry and offer a new way of generating profits for his restaurant groups.

Burger & Bowl

Novo 2.0

Pub by Novo

Next Door Lounge

The Bistro

The greatest challenge faced during the project was how to establish and implement real-time 3-way communication between the person placing the order, the person receiving the order and the person delivering the food.

In order to overcome this challenge, the Addria team visited the US on several occasions so we could better understand the process and see the end-user experience live.

The team at Addria™ are world class web designers & developers.

Jake Petrovic, General Partner Novo Capital, LLC

As an owner of several popular restaurants, I realized that I needed to have a stronger digital presence. Working with the Addria team, we developed, a user interface that connects our customers with our restaurants and allows them to order their favorite foods online.

They developed an elegant web solution that allows customers to order food online and restaurant managers to manage the content through an intuitive and user-friendly CMS.

DESIGN THAT solves complex problems with simple solutions

A visual identity that will establish expertise
and emphasize cutting
edge high-end technology.

After setting up and defining the project, we created a corporate visual identity that would represent the look, feel and voice of the brand being carried through all marketing channels. from applications, to social media, advertisements and packaging.

Landing page & dashboard application

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here's what we used to make this possible

A list of skills required to
build awesome stuff.

The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.

Custom PHP & frameworks (Laravel, Lumen, Symfony)
WordPress, Woocommerce, Magento
Javascript, Vue.js, React, Angular, Typescript, Node.js
MySQL, Elasticsearch, Postgres, OracleDB, Redis

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