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Why Should You Outsource From Norway to Serbia?


Oct 21 2022

Do you wish to outsource from Norway to Serbia? You can join in many other European companies that opted to outsource software development to Balkan, Serbia. Serbia has been growing in popularity when it comes to IT outsourcing. Wonder why? Well, there are various reasons! Stay with us and we will make sure to let you know why you should outsource from Norway to Serbia?

First of all, what is outsourcing? Outsourcing is a business practice in which a company hires another company to be responsible for doing a part of the job. This practice is the most popular when it comes to software development. Many North American or Western European companies outsource their work to Eastern Europe or Asia.

Many eastern European countries are well known for outsourcing software development business. In a nutshell, this is all because of the high level of technical skills, and loads of truly ambitious software developers. Did you know there are approximately 1.3 MILLION software developers in Eastern Europe? Amongst them, Java, JavaScript and PHP developers are the most common.

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But why is software engineering so popular in Serbia?  It is most probably because its IT industry is rather developed. This also counts in the software development outsourcing branch. This strong IT industry brings many different job opportunities, and many software development companies are always in search of new developers. Now let’s go more into the details on why should you outsource from Norway to Serbia!


Let’s mention this one right away. Most of the time, if not always, companies turn to outsource to another country in order to save money. Of course, it’s not the only reason. It’s also important to get the quality product your company invested into. This is exactly what you when outsourcing to Serbia! High-quality product, for below-average price rates. Compared to Norweigan standards, everything in Serbia is relatively cheaper.  

This is because the Serbian economy is still recovering. It has been growing faster during the last decade, mostly because of the IT industry. Did you know that the net average monthly salary in Serbia is around €507, while in Norway its around €3.078? To outsource from Norway to Serbia might be relatively cheap, but the development quality pretty high!


The top reason why Serbia has many talented software developers is quality higher education. Serbia has some of the best electro-technical faculties in Europe. Some of these are the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad and the School of Electrical Engineering Belgrade. And, just like in Norway, higher education in Serbia is (almost) completely free! A large number of students, especially in the IT sector, get to study free of charge. This is because most of the universities are public and funded by the government.

But, when it comes to IT studies, it’s not only the government that invests in general education. Many large IT companies invest as well, hoping to get students to work for them one day. These investments come in the shape of scholarships, donations, or free practice. In Serbia, most of the students who study software engineering get their first IT jobs while studying.

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There is plenty of well-payed jobs in the Serbian IT sector, so it only natural many students will be interested in studying software engineering. For example, the Faculty of Technical Sciences of Novi Sad Serbia had 2920 submitted applications for Bachelor Studies. Where 1483 of them will be studying for free and 1201 of them will be self-financing their studies.


Serbia is only 2 hours away from Norway by flight. Serbian main airport Nikola Tesla is very well connected with Norway and the rest of the world. Traveling is rather flexible and manageable! Also, if you wish to stay in Serbia for a couple of days, you can stay in top-notch hotels for a reasonable price. According to, the daily budget needed to stay in Serbia varies from 50$ (low-end) to 120$ (high-end). Serbian culture and cuisine are also very popular and interesting amongst foreigners!

Because Norway and Serbia are in the same time zone, communication between your company and your outsourcing partner can be continuous. Meetings can be arranged and held during the day. There’s no need to worry about larger time differences or scheduling meetings before or after work hours.


But, it's not only the geographical location that is beneficial for outsourcing from Norway to Serbia. Serbian culture and work ethics are very similar to Norweigan. People in Serbia approach their work truly professionally, deadlines are always met and communication about project development is always honest and on point.

Another important factor is the fact that Serbian citizens have a high to very high English proficiency rate. This is of high importance for quality communication. Nothing should be lost in translation! This also means you can communicate directly with the company representatives and their team of dedicated developers.

Large and strong IT community

It’s not only the number of software developers that’s impressive, the quality of their work, ambition, and will to always learn and evolve is astonishing! A rather active IT community is a good example of this! There are loads of different activities organized during the year, such as training, conferences, or even festivals. These events are great for experience exchange and keeping up with the worldwide IT trends. Software developers in Serbia actively support their communities. Many companies organize many cultural, educational, or humanitarian events beneficial for the general community.

Addria Outsourcing from norway to serbia

If you are a Norweigan company looking for an outsourcing partner, Serbia is just the right country for you! Besides everything mentioned above, you most probably have many other questions. If you do, do not hesitate to contact Addria! Addria is an IT consulting firm with years of experience in software development, project outsourcing, and staff augmentation. If you’ve got an idea, our devoted team of developers and designers are more than ready to tackle a new project!

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