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How To Find a Perfect Outsourcing Partner?


Oct 30 2020

Finding a perfect outsourcing partner amongst the many available software development companies can be tough. Effectively going through the pros and cons in order to intuitively recognize the absolute potential of a future partner requires quite a bit of effort!

In order to be able to find a perfect outsourcing partner, you need to know a couple of things first. Throughout Addria's experience as an outsourcing company and from our clients' feedback, we've come across many relevant factors related to finding a perfect outsourcing partner. In this article, we're going to share factors that are going to help you find a perfect outsourcing partner for your next IT project.

It doesn't matter if you are looking to hire a whole development team or a couple of people through staff augmentation. Being able to choose the right partner for is crucial for the success of the project.

Your project's needs

Firstly, make sure to know what do you exactly need. What is your business goal? What do you expect from the project? Analyze it as thoroughly as you can. Knowing all of this is crucial if you want to figure out what could be the best business solution. Come up with a concrete roadmap for problem solving.

After that, you must decide whether you need to add specialized staff members to your existing team or pass the whole project to a dedicated team. This depends on many factors. These factors could be the size of your project, the current status of your project, or the general competencies of your current employees.

Having a deadline or needing to finish the project as soon as possible is also important to know. Hiring an experienced team requires no need to invest in staff education. This can save you time and money. If your project is well on its way in the development process, you might only need an additional help from a couple of experts. In this kind of situation, staff augmentation would work much better.

There's no perfect outsourcing partner for you if you do not know what you want. Take your project as seriously as you can. Nobody knows your business better than you do. BUT, it is totally okay if you don't have the whole idea yet. Consulting with an IT firm can help you way more than you think.

So, if your project idea or business plan related to it need some touch from experienced professionals, make sure to contact Addria!


This is truly a no-brainer. Experience is generally speaking probably the most important factor. Especially when it comes to finding a perfect outsourcing partner. If you come across a company with many different & successful projects, it's a great sign!

It's important to find a company that has a lot of experience in similar and diverse projects. A development company that's been doing only one project type is not necessarily a good sign. If a company has a diverse portfolio, it means that its team is not afraid to step out of the comfort zone. It shows that they follow the trends, and are a way ahead of their competition.

Besides diverse projects, make sure to check out the company's technical expertise limits. It's better to opt for a company with expertise in different technologies. Companies with very limited expertise are not the ideal option, even if they are amongst the best in those few technologies. This shows you that their team of employees is always working on the development of their skills.

Definitely make sure to check latest work of the company you are thinking to hire. This will give you the best possible overview and insight into their competencies.

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If a company doesn't show signs of reliability, don't waste your time considering it. How long has the company been on the market for? What and when was its last project? How many employees does it have? Has the company been shrinking or growing?

Some things you can work out and realize on your own, but what about their reputation? In today's digital world, it's not hard to find almost everything you want to know. Find them on the Internet and look for their work or previous clients. Also, check their social networks.

You can also learn a lot about a company from its employees as well. Do they change employees too often? What's their feedback? If it's a serious company, you can check their Linkedin, and possibly find contacts of their employees and clients.

Cost over quality

No business should afford to compromise on quality. The cheapest option is never a good decision. Prices can tell you about how well does the company treat their employees, or if they value quantity over quality. Calculate a reasonable price for your project based on its size.

Did you know that the average salary in Eastern Europe is smaller than in North America or Western Europe? This is because of the still growing and recovering economies of these countries. In this case, lower cost does not mean lower quality! Outsourcing to Eastern Europe is guaranteed to give you high quality at a relatively lower cost.

Read more about Reducing Cost With Outsourcing here!


Finding a company that can establish great quality communication is crucial for an efficient workflow. You need to get along smoothly with the company's team leaders and make sure they thoroughly understand what are your needs and wants. Also, their interaction with their employees and understanding what they do is important.

Also, language should never be a barrier. How good are their business English skills? Nothing should be lost in translation, especially when you communicate about business.

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Many great companies have tried out and have proven that outsourcing can boost your work. And if you are ready too, these were the main points to follow when searching for a perfect outsourcing partner.

But, If you need more help or advice from an experienced software development company and consulting firm, make sure to contact us! With Addria's many years of experience in diverse IT projects, we will surely provide you with high-quality software development and advice to bring your project to its maximum potential.