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Outsourcing Software Development to Adriatic Countries


Nov 3 2020

Almost every company based in Western Europe or the United States has considered outsourcing software development. But, companies often find it difficult to choose where to outsource. Asia or Latin America might pop up as the most obvious choices because of the cheapest rates. But, cheaper does not mean better, and it definitely doesn't mean more reliable.

In a recent couple of years, Adriatic countries rapidly started gaining popularity when it comes to outsourcing software development. You might ask yourself where is the Adriatic Region? Adriatic countries are located around the coastline of the Adriatic sea. Adria, as a name, is a newer term, and as a region. It encompasses the area of former Yugoslavia and Albania.

You also might ask yourself, what is so great about outsourcing to Adriatic Countries? This article will provide you with thorough information and statistics on why you should be outsourcing your next IT project to the Adriatic region.

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Outsourcing software development has been attractive for decades. It has been helping companies save time and money, improve work-flow, and generally grow their businesses.

Also, if it’s done well and with a perfect partner, outsourcing can easily contribute to your project and its success. So, if any outsourcing strategy finds its way into your business plan, here’s why you should outsource your next project to Adriatic countries.

Quality-price ratio

Saving money is usually the number one reason companies opt to outsource their work. It is totally understandable to be tempted to hire the cheapest outsourcers. But there are some warnings and possible issues that might lose you more money in the long term.

There are many cases of outsourcing companies not being able to deliver projects on the agreed and expected level. This is especially common with the cheapest outsourcing companies which don’t have enough experience or similar enough work ethic. Adriatic countries represent a perfect quality-price ratio when it comes to outsourcing software development.

Countries in the Adriatic region have developed their IT industries to a rather high level in the past couple of years. This is all because of the high-quality work and strong work ethic. On the other hand, the economies of these countries are still in development. This means they have lower than average price rates.

Cultural similarities

Strong work ethics is something that the IT industries of Adriatic countries are heavily relying on. This is only one of many cultural similarities that Adria, the US, and Western Europe have in common. Cultures of Adriatic Countries nurture patience, stability, constant growth in terms of work and education.

One of the most relevant legacies of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia that is still present in Adriatic countries is free higher education. This allows many young people to study and gain skills through formal education. Technical and electrotechnical faculties are one of the most popular choices amongst students. This is no surprise due to high demand for electrotechnical engineers.

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Besides governmental support, many IT companies also invest in the IT industry of Adriatic countries. From financial support and equipment donations, to seminars and conferences that keep the IT community up to date.

Another relevant cultural fact is ethical and national diversity in the Adriatic region. This diverse cultural environment has throughout the years contributed to a more tolerant and more open-minded general mindset.

This is also one of the reasons people in Adriatic countries have a high level of English language knowledge. Speaking the same language is the most important factor when it comes to quality communication, and we all know that communication in business is crucial.

Geographic location

There are many geographic-location related benefits companies get when opting to outsource to the Adriatic region. First and foremost, Adriatic countries are located in Europe, which is considered the heart of the planet Earth. This helps Adriatic countries to be easily approachable by flight, ground and even water transport.

There are loads of international flights from all over the world that fly directly to many available airports in Adria. Some of the countries in the Adriatic region, such as Croatia and Slovenia, are member states of the European Union, which contributes to lower prices of transportation.

Also, another important benefit related to the geographic location is different time zones. If time management is done well, it is easy to take advantage of time zones. When the second work shift is about to begin in the US, the first one is about to begin in the Adriatic region. Overlapping shifts allows better communication and can increase the overall continuity of work.

Whereas outsourcing to India brings a more than 10-hour difference, with no shifts overlapping. This can sometimes overcomplicate communication, especially if you choose a staff augmentation strategy.

If you are a company from Western Europe, outsourcing to Adria brings low-price, high-quality, and relatively near outsourcing partner. When it comes to the time zones, a 1 hour difference is perfect for continuous daily communication.

Diverse talent pool

With quality higher education, eagerness to learn, strong work values, and innovative approach to newer technologies - it’s no surprise that Adriatic countries rank high in worldwide developers rankings.

For example, Serbia is at number 5 in worldwide developer rankings with technology exports valued at 1 billion euros. Also, according to Payoneer, Serbia ranks tenth in the world in terms of income earned by freelancers.

These statistics reflect a large amount of highly educated professionals working mainly in the IT industry. This diverse and large pool of talents allows companies to tackle software development with a different and innovative approach.

This talent pool of developers is great if you opt for a staff augmentation outsourcing strategy. This strategy is great if you wish to hire a couple of experts to remotely join your team and contribute to your project, instead of hiring the whole team.

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With its bright present and even brighter future, there’s no doubt that Adria's IT industry aims to become one of the best IT regions in the world. So, if you wish to further consider outsourcing software development to Adriatic countries, you are in the right place!

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