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New Year With a Right Decision – Outsource to Adriatic Region!


Dec 29 2020

Probably the most chaotic and unstable year in recent human history is about to end. Everything that 2020 has had to offer is being put to evaluation. If you are an entrepreneur or a business owner, this most probably influenced you as well. The year 2020 has put a larger emphasis on the online world.

With lockdowns, guarantees, and other imposed physical limitations, people started spending more time online. Casual shopping, ordering food, or supplies, almost everything suddenly started happening online. If you and your business had a website or an application to support your work, you were in luck!

Online presentation of your business has been rather important even before all this chaos. If your business is not visible online, it’s like it doesn’t exist. Doesn’t matter if you are an entrepreneur, or you own a small/large business, there are various benefits a quality website can do for you.

You are probably already aware of the influence internet has had on various industries. Even if you have a physical store, having an online one will surely only contribute to your business. People browse the internet for almost anything they are looking for. From specific objects, they wish to buy, to various services.

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If you do not have a website for your business, your new year’s resolution for 2021 should definitely include one. Having a website makes you more visible and available to potential customers. It also shows them that you are innovative and that you care about them! If you don’t have one, your business might lead people to think it’s outdated and not professional enough. But, it’s not enough just to own a website. If it’s poorly developed, it can do more damage than good.

So, let’s say it like this: your new year's resolution is to develop a quality online presence for your business! And if you are wondering how to do that, outsourcing to the Adriatic region is the right decision!

Where is the Adriatic region and what makes it so special for outsourcing?

Adria is a region in Southeast Europe. It includes countries like Serbia and Croatia. There are various reasons why outsourcing to the Adriatic region is the right decision to make for 2021. Did you know that the IT industry is one of the most developed ones in this region? If you are curious to know what makes the IT industry so strong, stay with us! Here’s why outsourcing to the Adriatic region is the right decision for you!


Quality is something that makes anything grow in the right and stronger direction. A strong IT industry implies the quality of various aspects. Things that definitely make the IT industry in Adria so high-quality are education, governmental support, and work ethic.

Did you know that higher education in most of these countries is completely free? Exactly! Countries like Serbia and Croatia offer their students to pursue higher education for free. This is not only for IT-related programs, even though these are the most popular ones. The high demand for electro-technical studies and software engineering also reflects the passion of young people willing to work in the IT industry.

Besides education, the governments of these countries support and invest in the IT industry through loads of benefits. These benefits are for companies that are ready to invest and outsource work to these countries. These come in the forms of favorable taxes, simplified legal and financial regulations that control the IT services export.

With this strong ambition and support, the IT industry and community in the Adriatic region offer a large pool of talented developers.

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To be honest, price is usually one of the main reasons companies from Western Europe or North America opt to outsource software development. Adriatic region is rather favorable when it comes to prices. Even with the highly developed IT industry, the economies of these countries are still behind and trying to catch up. This is why the Adriatic region offers below-average price rates.

But, cheap usually means low quality? Not when it comes to Adria. As early mentioned, the quality-price ratio is rather good in these countries. Most of the time they offer favorable prices for well-above-average quality. If you wish to cut cost but not quality, outsourcing to the Adriatic region the right decision!


As Adria is located in Southeastern Europe, time zones can make the outsourcing process more practical. When the work shift is about to finish in the US, it’s about to begin in Croatia. This can greatly improve the continuity in work. Also, this region is very well connected with flights from all over the world. If you are from Western Europe, Adria is easily reachable both by flight and land. And with such close distance, it’s easy to manage and visit your outsourcing partner quite often.

Since English language education is introduced to children in these countries rather early, most of the people in Adria speak English at a higher level. This can make communication and management with your outsourcing partner more smooth. Nothing gets lost in translation! Also, similar work ethics and generally similar cultures also contribute to the quality of collaboration.

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In light of recent events, it’s important to mention that the IT industry in the Adriatic region did not suffer from COVID-19 as much as some other industries have. IT companies were quick to prepare, manage, and offer their employees remote work. Most of the ongoing projects were continued, and many new ones were started. No surprise here! Many businesses recognized the importance of a quality online presence because of the COVID-19. But even after the pandemic is over, the internet is still going to be a place where people come to search for products and services.

So, advice from us here in Addria for you would be to start thinking about your online presence. Do you have a website? How efficient is it? Do you need to upgrade it or get a completely new one? Or maybe you do not need a website at all! Depending on your business, having a mobile app can be even more beneficial than a website. Addria is an IT consulting firm with years of experience in software development. If you need any help or want to work with us, make sure to contact us via our contact page! Our ambitious team of software and business developers is more than ready to tackle a new project.